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Jingle Bells

15-12-2019 21:13

Last Christmas

15-12-2019 21:07

Baby panda

16-09-2019 18:56

Baby pandas waking up at the Panda breeding center in Chengdu China. These creatures are cute!

Disneyland Surprise!

16-09-2019 18:54

Rodzice zrobili córce niespodziankę urodzinową kupjąc jej bilet do Disneyland-u. Zobaczcie jak zareagowała:)

Never say no to panda

16-09-2019 18:53

Never Say No to Panda is a 2010 series of television commercials produced in Egypt by Advance Marketing for Arab Dairy, manufacturers of Panda Cheese. The commercials, which feature a giant panda who terrorizes people for not wanting to try the cheese, have become a viral Internet hit.

Alarm clock

16-09-2019 18:50


16-09-2019 14:26

Rita and Frank try to take a still photo to email to friends for Frank's 84th Birthday on their new computer.

Kids Talk about True Love

16-09-2019 14:25

Meet the surprising experts of true love.
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