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India's tallest man

Wybierz właściwą odpowiedź z podanych możliwości

1.The man was not always taller than his friends

2.The man was six feet tall when he was seven years old

3.Many people laughed at Dharmendra and called him names

4.The man confirms that nobody ever said he was useless

5.The man used to have a girlfriend in college

6.Dharmendra found it difficult to find a full time job

7.The man did not accept the offer to work in theme park

8.People like to take photos with the very tall man

9.More often than not people say good things about his height

10.The boy in the green-gery-purple swatshirt says he could not reach Dharmendra's hand

11.The man admits that his height might be an obstacle while finding a wife

12.It is very important for him to find a very tall woman

13.The man's mother would like Dharmendra to be independent